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1. Use and Protection of Information

Our website is equipped with an 'SSL' system for the security of the information entered. Therefore, the information you enter to communicate cannot be seen by other people on the internet. This protection is not effective for information sent via e-mail. The information held on our website is only disclosed within the framework of legal regulations and only within the framework of necessary authorities. Our commitments in our Privacy Policy are valid within the website. Confidentiality assurance and terms of use of those sites are valid for the use of other websites to which the website will be linked. Information usage, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, quality and service quality of other websites that are accessed from the website for advertisement, banner, content or any other purpose, and any material and / or moral damage that may occur on these websites.  from damage  is not responsible. The copyrights on the information, materials and their arrangement on our Web Site belong to and are protected by relevant laws. This information, images and materials cannot be used, acquired or changed without permission.

2. Storage, Processing, Use and Sharing of Information Resources

Personal information (name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) provided through our website is stored in a secure environment that is not open to public use and is only used within and only helps the person concerned. with the relevant institutions that will provide assistance due to the request  can be shared. Except this; It is never shared with third parties, used or sold for commercial purposes in any way, unless otherwise instructed by the relevant persons or under a legal obligation.

Third-party providers, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on users' previous visits to their websites. You can disable Google's use of cookies by going to the "Google Advertising and Privacy" page.

3. Other Terms of Use

By visiting our website and requesting to benefit from the services we provide through this site, you accept the terms set forth in this 'Privacy Policy and User Agreement'. The terms and conditions set forth in this 'Privacy Policy and User Agreement' are governed by how the information we obtain regarding you, the services you request, and the information you share with us for these services will be used and protected during your visit to our website and benefiting from the services we offer through this site. Changes may be made from time to time in the provisions of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement without the need for prior notice and/or warning in any form or form.

Our website has been prepared purely for informational purposes and in good faith. Any information on this website is of a general nature, and its accuracy, completeness, reliability, adequacy and up-to-dateness are under no circumstances guaranteed by Statements on this site are not considered legal commitments and are not binding. and the project team are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from delays, omissions and errors regarding this information and/or your use of this information. Although our website has taken the virus precautions of the website, it does not give any guarantee in this regard. Any information, document, application, etc. It is recommended to take necessary precautions to protect against viruses before downloading.

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