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Main Theme:
Cyber Violence

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Dear Participants,


The internet and cyberspace have taken up  large space in individuals’ lives lately. In addition to many advantages, cyberspace and the internet  have also brought disadvantages like cyberbullying and cyber violence to our lives.


With mobile phones and tablet computers, anonymous bullying and  cyber violence anywhere and anytime has become part of daily lives.


Anyone, especially children, can become a victim of cyber violence while theperpetrators can remain anonymous. There are numerous types of cyber violence such as grooming, cyber stalking, humiliation, insult, child pornography, and abuse which implemented with multiple methods like digital tablets, computers and especially phones.


Cyber violence causes psychological,social and academic harm for  all  victims ,especially for women and children who have been victims of cyber violence.


The incredible  rise  at cyber violence  rate and daily increasing cyber violence &  cyberbullying cases caused us to choose cyber violence as the theme of  Fifth International Understanding of the Violence congress. The congress will be face-to face  meanwhile on line  meetings will take place at  congress in Özyeğin University.

There will be guest speakers who are expert academicians in the cyber violence field from  England, Germany, Spain, France and Turkey at the fifth international understanding the violence hybrid congress.


As it happens each year, posters and presentations  in all areas of violence will take place alongside coffee breaks, lunches  and opening cocktail  as an opportunity to meet face to face and exchange ideas during the congress.


We are excited for the upcoming congress. We  invite everyone who  is  interested in understanding and contributing to preventing cyber violence to  our  congress on 9-10 May at Özyeğin University.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Oğuz Polat, M.D. 

President of the Congress




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