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Abstract Submission Form

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Abstract Submission Rules  

  • Abstracts should be in 12-point font, using timesnew roman font, single line spacing, and justified.  should be written as

  • Abstract text should not exceed 300 words.

  • The names of the researchers and the institutions they work for should be written under the title.  researchers working in institutions  for ;  institution names should be coded with different numbers; number should be indicated as superscript next to the investigator name).

  • Summary; it should consist of purpose, material and method, findings, results and keywords.

  • Keywords: At least 3 must be written in Turkish. in Turkish keywords  Terms in Turkish Science Terms should be taken as basis. 

  • The name of the responsible author to be contacted for the paper should be specified.

  • If there is more than one author, the information of the author(s) other than the author whose name and surname is written must be entered together in the "other authors-1" field. 

  • Papers  It must not have been published or presented anywhere before.

  • Relevant spelling rules will be communicated to those who will be contacted for the full text to be sent later.  

Oral and Poster Paper Rules  


Verbal Statements:

·          Paper submission period 15  (fifteen) minutes.


Poster Papers:

·          Posters should be printed in poster format with a width of 70 cm and a length of 90 cm. 

·          The text and figures on the poster should be large enough to be read from a distance of one meter.

·          Posters must not have been previously published or presented anywhere.

·          The name of the person presenting the poster should be underlined.

·          References should be numbered according to the order of use in the text and should be shown in parentheses in the text. 

·          References should be placed at the end of the text.

·          In case reports; In the case, the name, address or photograph that indicates the identity of the person who is the subject should not be used.

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